New Paul McCartney Tour

UPDATE: The Tour ended, so no more tickets…

Paul playing on tour

Paul McCartney is on tour again. He sang with the Beatles and they became the most popular “boy band” in the history of music. The band traveled for years and years, and they grew as a band that consistently had sold out stages. Today, Paul McCartney is out there performing on his own, and ever since the band stopped touring, Paul continued to perform as a famous and world class singer, and still performing to sold out tours, stages, and amphitheaters. If you want to watch him perform live, this is your chance because of his current tour, Out There.

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Who is Paul McCartney?

First of all, he has sold over 100 million albums, and this pretty much sums up his success as a singer. He earned so much during his years with The Beatles, but his solo work is just as impressive, as he ended up maintaining his fame even dozens of years after The Beatles stopped touring across the globe. This English musician is not just your average hinged, but a talented songwriter and composer. Having worked with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and dozens of other influential acts, he remains to be one of the most revered musicians of our time. He pursued a solo career, and he now is a part of a band called Wings with his first wife Linda. This singing sensation still sings across the globe, and this new tour gives you the perfect chance to do this.

What is the “Out There” tour?

This is a unique tour that he once used to begin performing some of his most favorite songs. This is a famous tour that toured the world back in 2012 but only with a different name. The show was used to help bring him back to his roots and showcase his favorite songs. The tour is one of the best he has had, and most fans from his younger years are still avid fans. The tour has kicked off in places like Asia, Europe, and all over the globe to bring his most famed songs to other parts of the world. If you’re a big fan of Paul, this solo tour of his is the one you have to watch.

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The Song List For The Paul McCartney 2014 Tour

The songs he sings all varies depending on the time of the year and where he is performing. Of course, you don’t know exactly what songs he will be singing since this guy is very unpredictable. However, there are several songs he will most definitely be singing during his shows. Save Us is a very famous song that always gets the crowd going. All My Loving is a song that captivates everybody in the arena. Some other songs he may sing include, Eight Days A Week, Let Me Roll It, My Valentine, I’ve Just Seen A Face, among many others.

Tips on getting tickets

This tour is almost sold out to say the least. Paul is still a famous artist, and despite the fact that this tour is being brought to plenty of places, he is still soaring high with ticket sales booming across the roof. Tickets are definitely scarce, and it is highly recommended to get a quick set of tickers for you and your friends,a long with your kids as soon as you can. Paul has great charisma at bringing in the crowd and entertaining everybody in every part of the arena, so it doesn’t matter where you decide to sit down. Of course, getting seats upfront is a good idea. Ordering tickets when they’re available is the time to get them. If you’re not entirely sure when to go, check out the times guide and dates for when he is near your area. The best tip to do is to get tickets when you can since tickets are quite scarce for his concerts. This tour not only brings his most magical music together in one show, but you can expect to experience a quality performance from Paul and his team. The lights, action, and the music, along with Paul McCartney help make every single concert excitingly fun. Watch his show when you get the chance. If you grew up listening to his music, now is the time to listen to him again and experience his music live.

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